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German School,    early Nineteenth Century
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Size:  11.5 inches (29.2 cms)  by  17.75 inches (45.2 cms)

A very beautiful, limpid watercolour of this important German Castle, in the city of Heidelberg, south Germany. (See also the adjacent detail view of the SE tower and modern photograph.) The detail of the architecture is exceptionally well rendered, and the foliage and trees are beautifully drawn.
Views of Heidelberg Castle were a favourite with the German Romantic movement *.  The Castle was attacked and blown up (by the French we think) around 1693. This picture is painted from the South East, and shows the slighted SE tower or ‘Krautturm’, and the East flank. The building can still be seen in a similar condition today.

CONDITION  The watercolour is painted in a low key palette, but we think almost unfaded, as the colour in many of the details is strong. It has been professionally cleaned and is laid on a conservation grade sheet.

* REFERENCES   For a review of paintings etc of Heidelberg Castle, see
‘Romantik - Schloss Heidelberg im Zeitalter der Romantik’
Verlag Schnell & Steiner, Baden-Wurttemberg, 1999.
Contains numerous illustrations - oil paintings, watercolours, prints and objects - of the Castle.
Illustration 32, a print of the castle by Christian Haldenwang, artist Charles de Graimberg, 1812, shows an almost identical view to this watercolour.

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