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£249 PAIR

PRICE:     UK£249-00  FOR TWO PRINTS   
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PRINT BY:   F Birnie 
PUBLISHER:    W H Wood, Ripon
DATE:     May 15th 1790
METHOD:     Aquatinted in colour, with some etching
IMAGE SIZE:     13.5 by 9.0 inches to platemark

NOTES: A very interesting pair of views of the ‘North View of Ripon Minster’ and the ‘South View of Ripon Minster’, from a set of four views. Ripon is the nearest town to Fountains Abbey. Ripon Cathedral is perhaps one of the lesser known English Cathedrals, but still fascinating - its quite severe West Front belies its complex building history through from Norman times to late Perpendicular. An interesting detail that shows on the prints is that the tower north face is Norman, while the south face is Perp. – due to rebuilding after a collapse in the 15C. The prints are particularly interesting as being published in Ripon itself, by W H Wood, but we have no further information on him. A lovely touch is a gravestone on the South print, stating ‘W Wood Pinxt 89’

CONDITION:  Good, although quite pale impressions. The plates have been printed in two or three colours, pale brown and pale blue and/or green. The north view is a stronger impression. The south view has possibly faded a little and has much more green. Overall, the prints are slightly rubbed, with one or two old creases.

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