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PRINT BY:     Francis Vivares
AFTER/ARTIST:     Thomas Smith
PUBLISHER:     Thomas Smith (?)
DATE:     1746/7
METHOD:     Line engraving
IMAGE SIZE:     15.5 inches by 21.5 inches to platemark

NOTES:     A grand big print of this not so well known major Yorkshire abbey and monument. Tucked in a formerly rather insalubrious corner of Leeds, with a major road racing past, it is perhaps not surprising that it has been a little overlooked! It is now the subject of a major conservation program, so now is the time to buy this print before it is shrouded in scaffolding!
This splendid print, taken from the SE shows the Tower and Church, various of the Monastic buildings and the River Aire in front. There are various figures also in the foreground, including some folk in a boat.
The print typifies the great series of mid C18 paintings and prints of the ‘picturesque’ movement, developed and promoted by artists such as Smith and Boydell. The artist was Thomas Smith, known as ‘Smith of Derby’, who specialised in topographic and country house views.
Many of Smith’s paintings were engraved by Vivares, who was his principal engraver. Indeed, according to Waterhouse, many paintings are only known now through Vivares and other artists’ engravings.
Francois Vivares (1709 - 1780) was a Frenchman who moved to England around the age of 18. Thereafter, he had a very successful career as a printmaker and publisher, with a shop in London (see Clayton).  The number ‘29’ is inked in an old hand top right.

CONDITION:     Good, a strong black impression, on laid paper. The paper possibly just a little grubby. A good margin all round the platemark, there is a tear on the bottom margin, extending to 50mm inside the platemark, but it has been expertly repaired.

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