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R544  Ranelagh

R544  Ranelagh


PRINT BY:   Nathaniel Parr 
AFTER/ARTIST:     Canaletto
PUBLISHER:     Robert Sayer, “at the Golden Buck opposite Fetter Lane Fleet Street.”
DATE:    2nd Dec 1751
METHOD:    Line engraving, uncoloured
IMAGE SIZE:     25 by 40 cms to platemark

NOTES:        Full title, “An Inside View of the Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens”. Part of the London ‘entertainment scene’ of the 18C, this astonishing building seems less well known than the contemporary Vauxhall Gardens.
For its time, it must have been a quite remarkable engineering structure, 150 feet across internally.  The print is after an oil painting by Canaletto, who came to England in 1746 and worked here until 1755 (with one short return to Venice). The oil was sold at auction by Christies on 9th July 1999. Interestingly, the print is slightly different from that oil, and the perspective of the elevations in the print being quite a bit ‘flatter’ and the whole roof showing. The print view is also reversed, with the orchestra podium on the right. (There is another version of the oil in the National Gallery London). For more information on Canaletto, see the catalogue, ‘Canaletto & England’, Birmingham Museums, 1993.
This print was first issued in 1751, but appears in Sayer & Bennett’s ‘Catalogue of Prints for 1775’ (facsimile, Holland Press 1970) on page 60, ‘Perspective Views, Seven Views of Ranelagh and Vauxhall Gardens, No 5, An Inside View of the Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens’, so this may not be the first strike, although a good sharp impression.

CONDITION:  Very good, slight browning overall, small tear to the top margin, but outside the platemark

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