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PRINT BY:     Anon
PUBLISHER:     from ‘The Ladies’ Monthly Museum’
DATE:     1820
METHOD:     Line engraving, with real lace samples
IMAGE SIZE:     26cms by 30.5 cms page size

NOTES:     A fascinating early advertisement for a business specializing in the manufacture of lace AND 12 smaller prints.

The advert formed a fold-out page which was inserted in a journal, ‘The Ladies’ Monthly Museum, or Polite Repository of Amusement and Instruction’, Volume XI, published by Dean and Munday, London, 1820. The copy of the volume is included in the price.
The advert shows a handsome Georgian shop front, located at 392 The Strand, London. The lower window forms a cutout which has been ingeniously used to display samples of real lace. One sample is Geo. Fred. Urling & Co’s ‘Free from Fibre’ lace, the other we are informed is an inferior product.
There is a substantial Royal Warrant above the shop front (see detail illustration), and on the rear of the advert there is a facsimile of the letter of appointment on behalf of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III.
The volume of ‘The Ladies’ Monthly Museum’ seemed to have been six part works for the first six months of the year.  As usual with this type of work, it contains many fascinating articles which cast much light on the social values and activities of the period, seen from a feminist point of view, perhaps quite unusual for the times.
As well, the volume  contains 12 SMALL PRINTS. Six Portraits show:
Mrs Mary Brunton
Mrs Hester Piozzi (Mrs Thrale, friend of Dr Johnson) Illustrated
George III (accompanying his Obituary)
Miss Emma Wensley
Miss Frances Elizabeth Copeland
Lady Rachael Russell
As well, there are six charming FASHION PLATES (one illustrated) and another advert for Mr Whiteley’s Kitchen Range and water heating system.

CONDITION:     URLING’S LACE ADVERT   This was in quite poor condition, as much of the RH edge had been rubbed. We have removed it from the book and had it professionally conserved. There is therefore some loss down the RH edge, but the whole lace sample is perfect.
BOOK   Reasonable for age, but there is some minor foxing and staining. The cover is original, but the spine has broken down.

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