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PRINT BY:     Henry Hulsbergh
AFTER/ARTIST:     anon
PUBLISHER:     Sam Harding, Dan Browne & Wm Bathoc
DATE:     early C18
METHOD:     Line engraving
IMAGE SIZE:     17.25 inches by 11.5 inches image and text area (44 cms by 29cms)

NOTES:     A fascinating record of all the buildings built or rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren, presented in the form of a pyramid, with St Pauls Cathedral at the top. This seems to be from a book recording his work.
There are tables recording the amount spent on each building. For St Pauls, the amount is given as 736,752 - 2 - 3 1/4 pence. Seems remarkably accurate for a project that took 50 years!
The pyramid is artfully presented in 3D, with some broken stones and weeds showing. Quite what Sir Christopher would have thought of this we do not know.
The print was engraved by Henry Hulsbergh (died 1729),  the principal engraver of Colen Campbell’s ‘Vitruvius Brittanicus’. Hulsbergh, a contemporary of Kip, strangely is not listed in Mackenzie.

CONDITION:     Very good, on strong laid paper, an original fold across the centre. Trimmed tight to the plate mark top and bottom, but good margins to left and right. A small tear in the centre repaired. The print has been professionally conserved.

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