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PRINT BY:   John Slezer/? 
AFTER/ARTIST:    John Slezer
DATE:    first published 1693
METHOD:     engraving
IMAGE SIZE:      16.5 by 9.0 inches

NOTES:  A print of Rosslyn Chapel, one of the most fascinating buildings in Scotland, just a few miles outside Edinburgh.  The chapel was built around 1446 by William St Clair, as part of a proposed church, but the church was never finished. It has the most extraordinary interior, with a wealth of carving including figures, animals and plants, much of it loaded with symbolism, such as the many ‘Green Men’ and apparent Masonic symbols. This exterior view shows statues on the buttress and in niches, all long gone (or never filled). The building is currently subject to a major conservation scheme. The print is from Slezer’s ‘Theatrum Scotiae’, one of the most important records of early Scotland. The first edition was published in 1693.  This print seems to be from the 1797 edition, as it is numbered ‘D11’, unlike the early editions where it was numbered ‘54’. Also, it is on wove paper, while the early editions were on laid paper.

CONDITION:    Good, slightly grubby with one or two light abrasions

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