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PRINT BY:     Johannes (or Jan) Kip  (1653 - 1722)
AFTER/ARTIST:     Leonard Knyff  (1650 - 1721)
PUBLISHER:     Various
DATE:     1708 on
METHOD:     Line engraving
IMAGE SIZE:     13.5” by 18.5” to platemark

NOTES:     WINDSOR CASTLE,  with the Keep, St George’s Chapel and the main East block, part of the town of Windsor in front and Eton College behind.
Interestingly, the print is described as “A Prospect of the House at Windsor, Belonging to his Grace Charles Beauclerck”, this house being in the left foreground.
A fine print of this major building, from the early C18. The Castle as we see it today is largely a product of the work carried out in the 1820s by George IV, which essentially encased the old buildings with the extensively battlemented walls which we see today.
The famous Kip / Knyff views were first published as ‘Britannia Illustrata’ in the 1710’s, then as the ‘Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne’. There were a number of editions from the 1710’s through to 1749. We cannot say exactly which edition this is from.
We are pleased to offer this as it would have been issued - in Black and White. Regrettably, in our opinion, many Kip views have been coloured in recent years, to the point that finding original B&W copies is the exception! The prints are much better appreciated in this form, rather than through someone’s rainbow of modern colour. 

CONDITION:     Very good, on a large sheet with minimum margins of approx 3”. A good strong impression, on laid paper. Generally very clean, with slight browning down the centre fold, as is commonly found. (Please note that this is far less obvious on the print - a common effect when photographed.)

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