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Scottish School,  mid to late Eighteenth Century

Size:  10.5 inches  (26.5 cms)  by  16.0 (41.0 cms)

A historically very interesting pen and wash drawing for students of Scottish topography.  The drawing shows Corra Linn, with Corra Castle above it, as seen circa 1760 - 70.

With the C18 development of tourism, the Falls of Clyde were considered one of the most dramatic and  ‘Sublime’  sites in Scotland. They were much visited, and painted by major Scottish artists, such as Jacob More and later Alexander Nasmyth.

The three Falls of Clyde are the Bonningon Linn, the Corra Linn and lower down the river the Stonebyres Falls. 

Sadly today, the water is pumped off for hydro electricity generation, so on only a few days a year can these Falls be appreciated in their grandeur.

This drawing shows much more architectural details of the building than we have seen in other paintings. In particular, the range of buildings down at river level has today disappeared without trace.

The drawing is clearly by a professional artist, and seems without doubt to be a careful record of the buildings and site. Regrettably, we have not been able to identify the artist. It has inscribed verso in an old hand, ‘Cora Lyn’, and is on laid paper.

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