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Dollar and Euro pricesYou say  “email for these prices” - does this mean they are higher?  No, we only charge a small extra amount for postage and packing. We will charge you in Dollars or Euros at today’s current exchange rate. You can find this from many sites, for example X-RATES.COM . (This link will open in a separate window, close to return to our site.)

how often  should I visit your website?  We try to put up some new material every couple of weeks or so. But prints do not move all that fast, so probably no more frequently than once a month. If you have a specific interest, many of our sales are not from the website anyway, so best to email us with your inquiry.  

what is that funny background to your website? It looks like a bit of dirty old paper?  You’re right!  It is!  Except that it’s a piece of Eighteenth Century paper. We just scanned an area of the back of a print, and ‘tiled’ it. You can see a corner of the platemark repeated. If you look at the site with a low resolution browser, it probably does look like a piece of dirty old paper !!

why are prints on some web sites and on sites like eBay so cheap?  I see lots of topographic prints on at 5 to 10? We think you will find that these are very small, later prints. Through the late C18 and especially the C19, books with scores if not hundreds of small prints were produced. Many are small ‘steel engravings’, which were printed in vast numbers - so they are still cheap. Also, a lot of the prints you see are later copies, or just downright fakes, like photocopies. We only sell the general article!

COOKIE  POLICY  To the best of our knowledge, we don’t have any cookies, hence no disclaimer!  (Data may be being collected for the website analytics provided by our ISP, but we have no control over that process and no individuals can be identified by us from it in any case.)

PRIVACY  POLICY / GDPR  We wish to inform customers that, following the purchase of a print, the only data we hold on customers is their name, purchase details (including PayPal), physical delivery address supplied and email address. For enquiries, the only data we hold is an email address. All data is held offline and is NOT accessible to anyone through our website. We employ well known real-time anti virus and malware protection. We do not keep a collated database. We never supply email addresses or other data to third parties. We do not send out general email ‘mailshots’, only occasionally emailing a particular customer if we have a print which may be of interest to them. In purchasing a print or making an enquiry, we hope that customers accept that we hold this data as above. Notwithstanding that, if you wish your digital data to be DELETED, please contact us and we will do so, however we do require to keep a hard copy of invoices for tax purposes, this only being kept for the appropriate statutory periods.



There are   antique prints on every subject -  our website mostly has works of English/British topographic artists and architecture and portrait and figurative groups.  We have special pages of London views and Yorkshire views and buildings, and some European prints.


books  on  prints   Please visit our section of secondhand books relating to prints and print collecting. Click here on books for sale


*** 100% money-back guarantee ***

Buying over the Web is still a new experience for many of us. With standard new items like books, it’s very straightforward .  However, with antique items where matters like condition and quality are so important, you will naturally want reassurance.

So, we sell all our prints with a 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with a print, just let us know, return the print and we will refund your money, see our information for buyers page for full details. 



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